Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wildcats anxious to get ’12-13 OAA season underway

OXFORD, MI – If the first few games are any indication, the Oxford High School varsity hockey team should have plenty of skill, leadership and grit to get the Wildcats through the annual OAA grind.

Where they finish in the standings is anyone’s guess at this point, but optimism is certainly sky-high in Oxford.

“We're a veteran team and we really like our team speed and the chemistry amongst the guys appears good,” said OHS head coach Dave Hague, now in his 10th year as the Wildcats’ coach. “We can talk expectations and excitement all we want, though. To me, that doesn't mean a thing. We have a very difficult schedule this year and the OAA Red division is going to be very strong top to bottom. There is no doubt we're going to have to earn every bit of success.

“The only thing we're given is the opportunity and it will be up to our locker room to take advantage of it.”

Oxford junior forward Cody Wright feels from a player’s perspective that the Wildcats are primed for success.

 “I think we have a solid team that can go really far in the standings this year,” said Wright. “I think our tough schedule will just raise our compete level and make us a better team. Plus, I think we can play with all the teams as well. We have three solid goaltenders, four forward lines and strong defense. We have a lot of seniors, so I think experience will play a big factor.”

Senior forward Stephan Fritz, one of the team’s tri-captains this year along with senior forward Connor Novack and senior defenseman Brennen Orr, also sees the Wildcats as a team that will be tough to play against.

“I feel like we're going to be a very strong team that is always competitive,” Fritz said. “We are going to be a tight-knit team that works harder than anyone else and that's what will lead to our success. Obviously, we are in a very strong division, but that is only going to make us better. When we have opportunities to play teams that are well-matched against us, we perform better. Everyone knows that they have to be on the top of their game and it makes things very fun for us to compete and win against other talented teams.”

Wildcats’ assistant coach Rick Ignagni, who has been with the program since its inception 12 years ago, has seen the ups and downs at Oxford. He’s hoping this season has more of the same success OHS experienced during the 2011-12 season.

“This team is the closest in talent from top to bottom,” Ignagni said. “We move the puck well and we have speed. Years past, we could easily identify the top line or two, but this year, I see that it's going to come down to who is competing the hardest that will get the most ice. This year's team features 12 or 13 seniors and most of them have played together here for three or four years and many played together in youth hockey. These guys are about as close and tight as you would want a team to be and still be coachable.”

Oxford kicked off regular-season play with three wins this past weekend against Canadian high schools in the Kitchener, Ont., area. The Wildcats’ home opener is Wednesday, Nov. 28 against Bloomfield United at the Rochester Onyx.

Ignagni added that team goals are set to exceed expectations and this year’s aspirations are not out of reach.

“We plan on winning the league, but you can't measure success simply by wins and losses,” said Ignagni. “These boys will have a memorable experience both on and off the ice. We make sure they realize how blessed they are to play the greatest game on earth. Always strive to be the best, don't settle for average and if you play, play to win and always compete. If they remember those simple principles, they succeed off the ice, too.

”Our senior class no doubt will be our strength. I have been with the program 12 years and we have never graduated 12 seniors. They have a tremendous amount of maturity for high school kids) and there are no egos here. I think the other strength is Dave. He knows the game as good as anybody and makes sure these guys have an experience they never forget.”

The team’s three freshmen – goalie Nick Barrett, defenseman Ryan Kimbrough and forward Tyler Majewski – will be brought along at the proper pace.

”Our freshmen are going to be interesting to see develop,” explained Ignagni. “In years past, we counted on freshmen to chip in regularly because of numbers. This year, I think we can develop them properly and introduce them into the league at the right time.”

Overall, the confidence level for the Wildcats is through the roof right now with games on tap.

Speaking like a true captain and leader, Fritz said this season has the potential to be a special one in Oxford.

“Our strengths this year are going to come largely from two main components,” said Fritz. “First off, we're a smart, hard-working team that has a very high aspiration to go far this year. Secondly, we are an extremely close team and the fact that we all care about one another helps us out when we're going to battle in games for each player on the team.

“No one person is more important than the other, but all of us together with a mindset to win is going to be huge in our success this year.”

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sled hockey experience very fun, very humbling

 Preseason hockey games are usually low-key and reserved, but not in the case of the Oxford High School varsity team, who played a sled hockey game against the Michigan Sled Dogs, a team of disabled adults, last Saturday at Suburban Ice-Macomb.

Sled hockey is just how it sounds – players sit on sleds with blades and play the game of hockey with traditional rules and camaraderie.

The game, which may become an annual traditional between the two teams, had been in the works for a while.

“A few years ago, the Hartford Insurance Company was doing a “Get Familiar with Sled Hockey” day in Troy and that’s where I met (Oxford head coach) Dave Hague,” explained Sled Dogs’ captain and co-manager Marc Henretta. “Being both ‘hockey guys,’ we became friends. After that, Dave thought it would be a good idea to have his boys’ able-bodied team play against us, but we’d play them in sleds. I believe Dave felt it would be a great learning experience for his able-bodied team to see how hard others have to work, to play the game we all love.”

For the OHS players, the afternoon was something many of them said they won’t soon forget.

“Playing with the Sled Dogs was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us,” said junior forward Luke Novack. “Although it was very difficult to do, it was still a ton of fun. It was especially cool to meet all the players on the Sled Dogs and hear their stories. Playing with the Sled Dogs was very inspiring. Even though they were paralyzed, they found a way to play the sport that they loved. It meant a lot for them to come out and show us how to play sled hockey.

“This experience really humbled me.”

Wildcats’ senior goalie Justin Gizinski said he was awestruck by what he went through on the ice.

“What isn't there to say about the experience we had?” said Gizinski. “It was not only physically challenging in the sense that it was the hardest thing I've ever done in an ice rink, but it was also emotionally challenging to see some really cool guys plagued with a very inconvenient misfortune and to see how positive they were was the best part. No matter what, they constantly challenged themselves to do better all while never resenting us for having a little more luck in life.”

“It was definitely a new experience, but it was amazing to see what they could do sitting on two blades a half-inch apart,” added senior forward Jon Buday. “Seeing the paraplegics play made me realize how well people adapt to the situations they are given and made me thankful for everything I have. It’s extremely important to give back to the community like this because it keeps everybody close, opens your eyes and gets you experiencing things many people don't have the chance to do.”

Henretta received positive feedback from both sides, further pushing the topic of making this game a yearly event just prior to the high school season getting started.

“These are always a win-win for both teams,” Henretta said. “The OHS boys get to see how we play and we get to see how able-bodied boys play sled hockey. The Oxford boys did a nice job of playing sled hockey, especially since most of them had never played sled hockey before. Some of the comments I received from the OHS guys were, ‘Wow – the Sled Dogs are really, really good’ or ‘I can’t believe how sore my arms and shoulders are’ or ‘I can’t believe how fast Jesus Villa can skate and it’s even more remarkable how hard he can shoot – and they all shoot with only one arm.’

“We always enjoy playing the OHS team, as well as other able-bodied teams in the area. These types of events help the Michigan Sled Dogs fund raise and as we all know, playing hockey is not cheap, so the generous donations collected by the OHS team go a long way to help the Sled Dogs pay for ice, travel and equipment. We’d definitely look forward to playing OHS again.”

Gizinski summarized the day in a profound manner.

”What I think we all got from all of this is that no matter what, do not take anything for granted because one morning, you may wake up and lose something that makes life a lot easier, just like what may have happened to some of these guys we played against,” said Gizinski. “No matter how bad you think things are for you, there's always someone who's worse off, so just be positive.”

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oxford to be part of Hockeytown Winter Festival

OXFORD, MI – The Oxford High School varsity hockey program continues to provide opportunities to its student-athletes.

After completing a successful 2011-12 season, the Wildcats will have at least one high-profile game during the 2012-13 campaign and it is shaping up to be an exciting event – outdoors.

On Tuesday, Dec. 18 as part of the Hockeytown Winter Festival, Oxford will battle long-standing rival Lake Orion at Comerica Park with puck drop slated for 2:30 p.m.

Other high school games will also be part of the event.

“We had the chance to play outdoors two years ago at Michigan Stadium (defeating Troy, 4-1, on Dec. 9, 2010) and it was a remarkable experience,” said Oxford head coach Dave Hague. “Playing outdoors in the heart of Hockeytown at a venue like Comerica Park will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our players. It will be great as well to have family, friends, fans and faculty all get a chance to be involved in such a unique event.”

“I’m very excited to play outdoors this year and I'm looking forward to that the most out of everything,” said senior defenseman Kyle Schnettler. “This will be my first outdoor game, but playing against our rival will bring a lot of intensity to the game, especially that it's an outdoor game playing in front of your friends and family.”

Senior forward Jimmy Wallington is equally as excited to get outside and play Lake Orion. Neither Schnettler nor Wallington played in the 2010 outdoor game for the Wildcats.

“I am very excited about the outdoor game,” added Wallington. “Having the privilege to play at Comerica Park is one thing, but playing our biggest rivals there is just unreal. It is going to be one of the most exciting games I have ever played in. The fact that we are playing Lake Orion and it is an outdoor game is pretty awesome. I think it will make it a lot more intense because of all the hype that is being built up now that we all know who we're playing there. It won't be a game to miss.”

The outdoor games are just another step in Michigan high school hockey gaining more and more exposure and publicity on a regional level.

At the NHL Entry Draft in June, three former high school stars were drafted – 2012 “Mr. Hockey” winner Mackenzie MacEachern (Brother Rice/St. Louis Blues), Connor Hellebuyck (Walled Lake Northern/Winnipeg Jets) and 2011 co-“Mr. Hockey” winner Ben Johnson (Calumet/New Jersey Devils).

MacEachern was drafted straight out of Brother Rice, while Hellebuyck (NAHL’s Odessa Jackalopes) and Johnson (OHL’s Windsor Spitfires) played junior hockey last year.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

OHS grad Perks anxious for junior hockey career

WATERFORD, MI – Tim Perks came to the Metro Jets last year as a highly-touted prospect that put up solid numbers at Oxford High School during the 2010-11 season.

Even after a torn ACL sidelined him just prior to last season, Perks didn’t sulk. Instead, he stayed with the Jets all season and went through extensive rehab to help heal his bum knee.

“Sitting out for a season was brutal, especially my first shot at junior hockey,” said Perks, who was drafted by Metro in the fourth round (52nd overall) of the 2011 NA3HL draft. “A lot of people told me it was a setback, but I thought it more as an opportunity to improve my game in all aspects and see hockey in a new perspective. I had some rough moments, but I needed to keep focus to make sure I have a positive comeback."

While he’s still not 100 percent, the Jets offered Perks a tender for this coming season and the 19-year-old signed it without hesitation.

”The docs and therapist said it’s a year-long recovery,” Perks said. “I’m cleared for contact, so I need to make sure I’m not doing anything stupid and focus on recovering. I haven’t played a true hockey game for a team in over a year. I couldn’t be more excited at this point to just be able to play hockey again.”

Oxford High School is getting a reputation for advancing kids on to juniors and college hockey. Perks said that playing for the Wildcats didn’t feel like a typical after-school activity.

”They have a great hockey program and each year, I always hear something new and exciting,” said Perks, who graduated from OHS in 2011. “I believe they love having fun, teaching the kids and making great memories. (Coaches) Dave (Hague) and Rick (Ignagni) treat you like adults and bring in some junior hockey mentality into the program, which helped me out a lot. I’m glad I had the opportunity to learn from that group of guys.”

Perks, who describes himself as a “talented forward who has finesse, but plays physical with a chip on my shoulder,” said he’s anxious for the 2012-13 season to get underway.

“I personally expect a lot out of myself,” said Perks. “I have talent and a good work ethic and there is no reason for me to fall behind even if I have missed a year.”

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wildcats continue to win on and off the ice

OXFORD, MI – These days, the Oxford High School varsity hockey team is not only winning on the ice, but winning in a significant way off the ice as well.

After all, the feeling of beating the opposition only lasts until the next game, while making strides in the community can last a lifetime.

This season, Wildcat players have put in time at Oxford Elementary School reading to children, at the Waterstone Senior Village to interact with the residents and just this week, welcomed Oxford special education students to practice at the Troy Sports Center (pictured above) as part of a “learn to skate” event where the students also rode the team bus to and from practice.

“I think it’s very important for athletes to be role models because a lot of people are watching and looking up to them, so setting a good example is an important key to being a great athlete,” said Oxford junior forward Stephan Fritz.

“The kids who look up to us see us doing good things tend to aspire to also do good things,” added junior forward Jimmy Wallington. “We try to have a positive attitude on everything and just show how fun it is to be representing our school on the ice.”

Sophomore forward Luke Novack said going to the elementary school was fun and rewarding.

“It was cool because when we walked into the classroom, all the kids went crazy,” said Novack. “It was a lot of fun to play math games with them, even though I lost every time. Going to the school was a great experience and if asked, I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Spending time with senior citizens over the holidays had the same type of goodwill feeling.

“It was a great time going to the senior home with the boys,” Fritz said. “It's always nice to get out into the community and know you're making a difference in some people’s lives that don't always get to experience something like that. You can tell they enjoy the company and its just fun to spend some time with the residents and hear their stories.”

This past Monday, the special education kids got to experience firsthand what it takes to not only be a hockey player, but all the preparation it takes just to skate at practice.

“It was a really great experience, I really enjoyed it and I think everyone involved did, too,” said OHS junior defenseman Brennen Orr. “I felt really good about myself helping them learn how to skate.”

“I had a great time teaching those kids how to skate,” sophomore forward Cody Wright said. “It was a big deal for them and we will never know how much that impacted their lives. I was just glad to do it.”

After beating Lapeer United 4-2 last night at home during Senior Night, the Wildcats (13-6-2 overall, 2-4-1 OAA Red) are now looking ahead to the Red Division playoffs that start Friday night against Farmington at 8:45 p.m. at the Onyx in Rochester.

Obviously, the team has its goals set extremely high.

“We have a shot to win the league after moving up a second year in a row and that's really exciting to the team, especially since many people don't believe we will be able to pull it off again,” said Fritz. “We just have to take it one step at a time and work harder than ever. Playoffs this year are looking good and we have a strong, deep team that's looking to go far.

“With the work we've put in, it's not unrealistic that we'll be at states when that whole thing gets started.”

“The Red playoffs are very important to our team, especially the seniors,” Novack said. “A lot of teams in the league think that we won’t even be a .contender, which makes us want to win it that much more. We are ready to compete and bring back some hardware for the school.”

Other first-round matchups have Clarkston taking on Stoney Creek, Farmington Hills Unified battling Rochester United and Lake Orion tangling with Birmingham Unified.

The Red Division semi-finals go Saturday at the Farmington Hills Ice Arena with championship games taking place on Feb. 25 at the Birmingham Ice Arena.

Click here to view the playoff bracket for the Red Division.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Schlueter playing to potential, eyeing improvement

OXFORD, MI – What a difference a year makes.

Last season, Alex Schlueter didn’t have the type of year he wanted to have as a freshman on the Oxford High School hockey team. He’ll be the first one to admit that.

This year, though, is a different story as the steady defenseman has “shot out of a cannon,” according to OHS head coach Dave Hague.

“Alex is a completely different player this season,” Hague said. “He was a little raw last season as most freshmen tend to be, but this year when I watch him, it’s a whole new player. Alex put in the work to be a better player and it has showed from day one of this season.”

“I would have to admit that I am very happy with my season so far,” said Schlueter matter-of-factly. “I feel that I have played to my full potential nearly every time I step out on the ice. This differs from last year because I just couldn’t seem to unlock my full potential. The atmosphere was new and I think my nerves greatly hindered my abilities.

“I credit my improvement strictly to hard work. Hard work is the key to unlocking all your abilities on and off the ice. The best way for me to keep improving is to continue to listen to my coaches, work hard and compete every shift, every practice, and every workout. It’s as simple as that.”

Playing mostly on a blue line pairing with senior Dean Couwlier, Schlueter said he’s had instant chemistry, crucial to a defense pair clicking.

“I feel Dean makes it so easy to play with him,” said Schlueter. “We set up simple and effective plays that we run, without flaw, in games.”

On a team level, Schlueter said there is no better situation that playing for the Wildcats and continuing the tradition that has become successful Oxford hockey.

“We are nothing short of a family,” said Schlueter. “We spend virtually every day with each other and we wouldn't have it any other way. It does not surprise me when I hear about our players turning down these higher level teams to stay here and play for Oxford. I know I would certainly have trouble leaving.

“I plan on staying as long as possible. I honestly think that if I did take an offer somewhere else that I would eventually end up back on the Oxford squad. I've played hockey since I was little and I have never played on a team quite like Oxford. There's something about it that just grasps you and holds you in.”

Schlueter also has a maturity level about him that is both ambitious and realistic.

Take, for example, his goals in hockey. He wants to continue to improve defensively to where he can play in power-play situations and down the road, he has NHL aspirations, along with going to college.

“Though I feel that most statistics do not accurately display a player’s ability and are not nearly as important as some players make them out to be, I think that plus-minus is a very important stat to keep track of,” said Schlueter. “My current plus-minus is not bad at all, but another ongoing short-term goal of mine is to improve my plus-minus.

“My long-term hockey goals are the same since I started playing hockey in the fourth grade – to play in the NHL.”

While the NHL is a dream only few can realize, it’s a dream worth having, added Schlueter. After all, if he was “raw” last season and superb this season, who knows what the future holds?


The OAA league Red Division seeding and playoff assignments have been determined. First-round playoff action gets underway next Friday (Feb. 17) at the Onyx in Rochester.

Oxford will face Farmington at 8:45 p.m.

Other first-round matchups have Clarkston taking on Stoney Creek, Farmington Hills Unified battling Rochester United and Lake Orion tangling with Birmingham Unified.

The Red Division semi-finals go the following day at the Farmington Hills Ice Arena with championship games taking place on Feb. 25 at the Birmingham Ice Arena.

Click here to view the playoff bracket for the Red Division.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

ESPN takes note of talented Chapman

OXFORD, MI – Nolan Chapman hasn’t been on SportsCenter, but he’s pretty close.

In the most recent issue of ESPN HS, a high school-themed version of ESPN The Magazine, the sports conglomerate ranks the top 24 high school hockey players in the state of Michigan.

Chapman is listed on the list’s Fourth Team. Not too shabby for a kid who sees himself as “the goofy and annoying kid on and off the ice and trying my best to be a captain on the ice.”

“Being featured in ESPN is one of the biggest privileges I've ever had,” said Chapman. “To me, this shows that our team has a bunch of kids with this capability and talent. Who knows if this will get me noticed by schools and juniors, but I guess we'll just wait and see.”

This season with the Wildcats, Chapman leads the team in scoring and is second in overall OAA scoring with 15 goals and 35 points in 17 games – better than two points per game.

“Nolan is a very talented player and his recognition from ESPN shows that Oxford can produce big-time talent,” said OHS head coach Dave Hague. “Nolan has been a kid who’s been here for three seasons and has taken huge strides each year. Most of the guys on that ESPN list have already committed to NCAA Division I teams or top-level USHL and NAHL programs. It will be exciting to see where Nolan lands next season."

Chapman said that while the ESPN mention is an individual accolade, he knows he couldn’t have done it alone.

“The hockey program here at Oxford has come from the bottom to one of the most premier teams in the state,” said Chapman. “I feel like being on the team has improved my on-ice skill and I feel like our coaches are one of the main reasons I've had this success playing hockey. Hockey has always been one of my main focuses in life and I'd love to continue playing until I can't anymore.”

Playing Lake Orion in December was a highlight for Chapman and he’s hoping for more positives as the regular season hits the home stretch.

”In that Lake Orion game, it seemed like the whole city was watching us,” Chapman said. “That right there should tell you how far we’ve come as a program.”

ESPN certainly took notice.


Forward Alex Hoffman, a 2008 OHS graduate, has moved on to play for the Division I ACHA team at Oakland University.

Hoffman currently has 13 goals (tied for second on the Grizzlies) and 21 points in 29 games.

After graduating from Oxford, Hoffman spent a season in the Eastern Junior Hockey League with the Hampton Roads Jr. Admirals and is now a junior at OU.

Hoffman also played briefly at NCAA Division III Nichols College in Dudley, Mass.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Freshmen trio progressing for Wildcats

OXFORD, MI – The three freshmen on the Oxford High School varsity hockey roster were all born in 1997, the same year the Red Wings won their first Stanley Cup in 42 years.

So while forwards Steven Fowler, Scott Stubenrauch and Brandon Welch have always known winning seasons in Hockeytown, they hope to be a part of similar seasons with the Wildcats this season and down the road.

According to OHS head coach Dave Hague, all three players have contributed significantly this season and have the potential to be cornerstones in the Oxford lineup for years to come.

“It's important to get talented players in the program at a young age,” explained Hague. “It's what keeps the program evolving and allows these players to develop very fast. Our veteran players were freshmen once and they have all shown Steven, Scott and Brandon what it takes to play at this level and to their credit, the freshmen have taken it all in and have all improved their games since the beginning of the season. It can only go up from here for those three.”

All three freshmen feel they can become better players and morph into young men playing for the Wildcats.

“It's been challenging converting from such a low level of hockey into high school, but it’s been a learning experience and I'm always looking for ways to improve my game,” said Welch. “I chose to play for Oxford for the opportunity to play for my school and have a future in hockey. I feel like I'm going to get the most opportunities out of playing here.”

Fowler said that he wants to don the OHS sweater for all four years and then make the jump to junior hockey. He summed up this season, however, with a simple statement.

“This season has been great and fun,” Fowler said. “The coaches are very nice and determined to win.”

Stubenrauch said the high school level has been more intense than what he was used to.

“It’s a lot tougher than travel hockey with kids a lot bigger and stronger,” he said. “Playing for Oxford doesn't only make you a better hockey player, but a better person in life by doing all the little things that can make a big thing happen. I see myself in blue and gold for all four of my high school years – it’s great to play for the school you represent.”

“Once the second half of the season hits, freshmen really aren’t freshmen any more,” said Hague. “They know what to expect from the coaches and they go out and do what we ask and then some. All three of our freshmen are great kids and like I said, it’s going to be exciting seeing them progress at this level.”


Forward Tim Perks, a 2011 graduate, played for the Wildcats all four years of high school. After last season, he had numerous options at the junior level, including an invitation to showcase his skills at the United States Hockey League combine in Chicago.

He was an NA3HL draft pick (52nd overall) of the Metro Jets last June, but appeared to be headed to a higher level in the NAHL before a knee injury suffered while playing in Europe set him back. Perks is back on the ice now and nearing a return, hopefully for this season, with the Jets.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Couwlier happy to be back for senior season

OXFORD, MI – Dean Couwlier is happy he chose to return to the Oxford High School hockey team for his senior season.

He actually started out this year playing for the Oakland Jr. Grizzlies Midget Major AAA team, but in the end, went with his heart and his gut.

“To be honest, I missed the kids from Oxford,” said Couwlier, a senior defenseman. “We're a bunch of brothers and it's hard to get away from that. Our coaches actually care about your future and that’s a great thing.”

Couwlier played his sophomore and junior seasons in a Wildcats’ sweater and then was torn this past offseason. Oxford had just come off its first OAA White division championship and like the old adage goes, team success breeds individual success.

“This program (Oxford) is not like the others,” beamed Couwlier. “We all support each other as teammates and we have coaches that do everything they can to develop us into the best players and most importantly, the best men we can be.”

Oxford head coach Dave Hague kept in close contact with Couwlier during his decision-making process and was happy for him when he decided that Oxford was best.

“Dean is a great player and has improved tremendously in his time here,” said Hague. “He’s a very likeable kid and very coachable. I’ve already had some calls about him from North American Hockey League teams and I can see him making the jump next season. It’ll be fun seeing how far Dean can take hockey.”

The Wildcats’ alumni list has grown every season and Couwlier wants his name on the list next fall.

“Seeing my buddies move up shows me that the opportunities are there,” said Couwlier. “I want to push myself to reach the highest level of hockey possible.”

A team-first player, Couwlier has an idea of where he wants the Wildcats to be come March.

“Being 1-1-1 in the league (OAA Red) and 10-2-1 overall at this point, there is no doubt that if we give everything we've got that we can work our way to another league championship,” Couwlier said. “Hopefully, we can be the first team in school history to get to the hockey state playoffs, too.

“We have the talent and the dedication and it’s up to us to get the job done.”


Two brothers that played for Oxford, Blaine and Tim Marney, both play for the ACHA Division II team at Grand Valley State University.

Blaine, a forward, played for the Cleveland Jr. Lumberjacks in the NA3HL last year and is in his first year at GVSU. Tim, also a forward, played for GVSU the past two seasons and was part of the Lakers’ ACHA Division II national championship squad in 2010-11.

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Friday, January 6, 2012

A ‘privilege’ to play for the Wildcats, says players

OXFORD, MI – Nick Hocker and Connor Novack are veteran players with the Oxford High School hockey team and while both have had opportunities to leave high school hockey, they both have stayed with the hopes that a state championship can be housed in Oxford.

Hocker, a senior forward, and Novack (pictured), one year younger and also a forward, are both happy with their decisions to stay in Northern Oakland County and suit up for the Wildcats, last season’s OAA White champions who now play in the Red division.

“Playing AAA is good hockey, but then again our coaches (Dave Hague and Rick Ignagni) do a good job at getting our names out there and helping us out,” said Novack. “Most of all, it is just fun to play for your school and all of your friends.”

Hocker agreed.

“Everyone seems to get along and connect really well this year,” said Hocker. “I think this creates great chemistry between everyone and transfers over to our play on the ice and helps us work better together. We have a great coaching staff and a team that always wants to compete and win. Every time we step on the ice, we have a chance to win any game.”

Hocker is currently second overall in OAA scoring behind linemate Nolan Chapman. Those two play on a wing with Stephan Fritz at center. That entire line is 1-2-3 in OAA scoring, not an easy feat when one considers the competition level of the league.

“The competition in league play has greatly improved,” said Hocker. “I think it's more fun to play hockey with your friends that you go to school with because you can get a lot closer to everyone.”

“We have had some good flow this year with our lines,” Novack added. “Our team gets along really well together and we have added some good players to the roster. Our team has found our roles on the ice. We try to do all the little things right and when we do, we get rewarded.”

Both Novack and Hocker attribute most of the team’s success to Hague and Ignagni.

“Our coaches are one of a kind,” Novack said. “They care about us so much and would do anything to help us out. They are great coaches, they get us motivated and they know the game extremely well.”

“Coach Rick has been with the program since day one and has given the reputation that the team has today through many hours of hard work,” said Hocker. “That goes along with Coach Dave as well and they would give anything for any of us on the team. They put the team before anything else in their life and push us to get better and better every day.”

Two weeks ago, OHS traveled to Madison, Wis., to play in a holiday tournament against several teams from Wisconsin and the surrounding areas.

Hocker said the experience was a blast.

“It was a lot of fun to travel out of state and play teams from different states and see what the competition was like,” Hocker beamed. “When you go play in different states, it helps get the Oxford name out to these states. This then opens up great opportunities for future kids playing on the team and gives Oxford as a whole a much better name.”

Last season, the Wildcats played outdoors at Michigan Stadium, a game they won over Troy High School. Last weekend, Oxford was offered a chance to play at Progressive Field in Cleveland, but couldn’t match up schedules with a school from Ohio.

Obviously, as the Oxford program expands, more opportunity comes the Wildcats’ way.

Still, at the end of the day, nothing beats playing high school hockey, according to Novack.

“Playing for OHS is very different than playing for another team outside of school,” Novack said. “It is a privilege to play for your school and wear the colors and represent them.

“All of your friends get to see you play and it is a lot of fun.”

The fun is proving to have positive results, too, as Oxford is off to a 9-2-1 start.

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